After the earthquake in 2010, Stephen, a Rescue One student, lived with his mother and brothers in a tent city. The family is very poor and Stephen was chosen by one of the Rescue One church partners to be in its program. During the summer of 2013, some of the boys in the tent city were throwing stones and Stephen was hit in the eye. Because Stephen required surgery, the coordinator took him to the public hospital in Port-au-Prince. On two different occasions, the hospital cancelled the surgery after Stephen and the coordinator made the long trip and waited in line.

In God’s miraculous way, previous to all of this, an ophthalmologist had been given some equipment after his was destroyed in the earthquake. Through contacts of the Rescue One board, Stephen was referred to him. The ophthalmologist arranged for surgery at a hospital in the countryside. The coordinator took Stephen there and then took him into his own home for the following three days so that he would get the proper post-op care.

Stephen is doing well; his vision has been saved. We praise God for the vision in Stephen’s heart as well. His favorite song is Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord.

The Rescue One board thanks God for being able to offer medical intervention to its students, and we thank the coordinator for lovingly and patiently being the hands and feet of Jesus.

*The name of the student has been changed to protect his identity.


Leona is a joyful young girl, rich in potential. She was recruited in 2005 when her parents had no money to send her to school. At that time, her father was making $60 per month and the money was needed to sustain Leona, her mother, father, sister, two brothers and a cousin. After the earthquake the family lived in a tent.

Leona’s father became ill, was hospitalized and died. Leona was devastated by the loss of a father whom she loved. She grieved for him. After a time, she returned to school.

She is a brilliant student and while in school received excellent scores. Currently she is receiving support from a personal sponsor to continue in college. She returns to summer camp to serve as a spiritual and academic role model for the younger students.

Rescue One is very proud of Leona and eagerly anticipates how the Lord will use her in his kingdom in Haiti.

*The name of the student has been changed to protect her identity.


Denise is 9 years old and began with the Rescue One program in 2012. She lives with her father and younger brother in a one-room house built by the church which supports her in the Rescue One program. When her mother died of anemia, the Rescue One coordinator helped her deal with her grief.

Because her father must leave early each morning to look for work in the streets so that he can purchase food for the day, Denise has been forced to grow up quickly. Neighbors sometimes help Denise, and an older Rescue One student combs Denise’s hair before school. At school she is a high achiever.

Denise attends church and Sunday School and has taken part in the Christmas drama portraying the birth of Christ which was produced by the children and the coordinator.

Your gifts to the Rescue One program will help us to continue to provide an education and a Christian influence for these children and others like them whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

*The name of the student has been changed to protect her identity.