Rescue One provides the day school enrollment fee and monthly tuition for each child enrolled in the Rescue One program. Each church committee chooses students from nearby shanty towns whose parents cannot afford school costs. On average, the Haitian church partners provide 27% of the cost of the program.

One child writes:

IMG 7502My family, as well as all the Haitian families, cared a lot for my education. However, every year when the school opening date arrived, my family always struggled be able to pay tuition. Sometimes I started (school) and could not continue. I could not get my school reports because the money (fees) was not paid. Sometimes I had to stay home. …I usually felt ashamed when the school principal had to call my name before the classroom and send me back home because my parents weren’t able to pay. And that happened very often. Sometimes I cried when I saw the way that other children looked at me in the classroom.